2021 AMG GT Black Series

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni

The newest AMG-Apex Predator on da block!

Mercedes-AMG unleash the AMG-GT Black Series, at last. With 720 German horses from a V8, a plethora of modifications for both style and function, this car is a winner in the eyes and in the circuit. But exactly how good is it? Let's find out!

RPM Style 😏

General Exterior:

AMG has always been about the pizzazz, the performance, the technology and the style. Take all that up a notch with wildly figured proportions, and you get the AMG-GT Black Series. There is an array of modifications to this car over the regular GTS, let's go over them!

Grilles! German manufacturers seem to be fascinated by the concept of larger grilles these days. The grille on the AMG-GT Black Series is massive! It is wider, deeper and taller. But it serves a purpose. Taken straight from the GT3 series, the larger grille incubates a larger radiator air inlet, providing much better cooling for the engine.

The newly designed front aeros are slicker, sickle-shaped to optimize the air flow into the brakes for cooling and increase frontal downforce. The front splitter is adjustable and has settings for street as well as track. The bonnet that stretches for miles, is now Carbon-Fibre and has 2 equally large exhaust air openings for maximised aero and weight reduction with dual air-vents for wheel-arches on both sides. The roof, too, is now Carbon-Fibre and has a sunken centre for better airflow dynamics.

The underside of the AMG-GT Black Series is completely flat except for the laterally embedded air-fins, making the airflow from the front to the rear diffusers, even more linear and unhindered.

Coming to the rear, the most distinguishing feature of the AMG-GT Black Series is the humongous Two-Stage dual-winged spoiler, where both blades can be individually adjusted. The dual rear diffusers are now more prominent with the 2 dual-exit exhausts on either side, giving the car a more domineering growl and a downforce of 400 kilograms at speeds above 250 kph. Also equipped in the rear, are rear wheel arch ventilators to cool off the rear brakes!


The interior, on the AMG-GT Black Series is pretty similar to the outgoing AMG-GTS, apart from the newer AMG-Performance Steering Wheel, the now larger 10.25" infotainment, newer upholstery with contrast stitching and AMG logos, and a fully digital 12.3" gauge cluster.

And now, onto the best part about this car!



The brand new, most powerful ever, AMG 4.0L V8 Biturbo with flat-plane crankshafts now pounds out 720 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque starting at just 2000 revs! The AMG beast, paired with the AMG speedshift DCT 7G propels this beast from a standstill to 60 mph in just about 3.2 seconds whereas the newer aero allows the car to glide at speeds just above 202 mph!