Hummer EV? Holy Crab!

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni

The new Hummer might be more Environment Friendly than you think.
No, this is not click-bait. Yes, I am aware I used Hummer and Environment-Friendly in the same phrase. But am I lying? Nope. No more of the loud, gas guzzling V8's.
GMC's latest and greatest, the new Hummer EV is 100% electric and boasts a host of new features and is set to take on the infamous Tesla Cybertruck. Will it be able to make a dent in the Truck market? Or is this just a super-hyped truck?
Let's find out! RPMStyle 😏

General Exterior

Obviously, the Cybertruck and the Hummer have gone down two very different paths, in terms of design. While the Cybertruck looks more 'dystopian' and 'vector-y', the Hummer looks modern and futuristic while keeping the Hummer significance and road presence. And BOY! does it do that!
The Hummer EV is definitely a striking car to look at. Perfectly proportioned and tastefully designed, it definitely wins in the looks category over it's competition.
Oh, and don't get me wrong. In no way is it smaller or less imposing than the H1 or the H2. At 216.8" long and 81.1" tall, god-complex on the roads is available as standard.
Despite the modernization, the Hummer EV is easily discernible as a Hummer;
The individually lit vertical 6-bar grille with the polarizing headlamps on either ends that have HUMMER spelled out on every individual grill, the massive flared fenders making way for even more massive 35" wheels and the Ginormous skid-plate under the rugged looking bumper with 2 tow-bars all sum up perfectly to turn eyes and yet have the familiarity of a Hummer.
The side profile follows suit of the ruggedness and boxy design language with the flared fenders, massive wheel arches and a near-vertical windshield. But the B-Pillar is where most similarities end. The sloped C-Pillar and the sleeker rear end with slightly reduced bed-area are not exactly 'traditional-Hummer'.

But not everything of this vehicle is...

Let's hop inside and find out more!

General Interior:

The interiors have a nice aesthetic and look just as much luxurious and premium as they are utilitarian and robust. The do. The gold accents on the dual-tone black and white interiors look absolutely plush and welcome.
The hummer has a quad glass roof to make things open and airy (figuratively). But if you want those things literally, the Hummer also caters to that! The doors and roof assembly can be removed entirely!
The materials and textures look high quality, but not weak. The interior also follows suit to the 'squared-off' design language with almost every item either being square or having square elements. The interior has 2 main screen, a 13.4" infotainment screen and a 12.3" digital gauge cluster. Fun Fact, the screens are powered by Unreal Engine's internal architecture. The same ones used by Epic Games. So it's fair enough to say that the graphics on both the displays look sharp, clean and yet, are super informative. The infographics and the little animations are all super cool and informative from what I've seen on the internet. You get to see the real time torque output compass, tire pressure, angle, gradient, wheel travel, pitching and friction circle.
The center console flows from the centre and hosts a gorgeously robust looking gear-lever? Whatever that is.
The screens are levitating on the dashboard that's actually designed by the team and not stolen from the kitchen counter-top from your designer's home...
*cough* Tesla *cough* Cybertruck.
The system is encrusted with a 14-speaker Bose system but that's not the cool part. The speaker grill, is engraved to replicate the 'Sea of Tranquility' (the location where man first stepped on the moon). It even has the exact replica of the footprint. And that footprint is also etched into the dead pedal.
To make you feel over the moon when you drive? I'm not exactly sure of its purpose. But hey! it's a cool quirk and it's free!

We move on to the most interesting part of this review! The Quirks and Features! (where my Doug DeMuro fans at?)

Quirks & Features

So the most talked about/advertised feature is the 'Crabwalk'
And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. The Hummer EV can move diagonally at a certain angle when enabled!
Not sure how many people would benefit from this, but again, cool quirk, free!

Next up is Ultravision
It's a set of cameras throughout the car! Under the car more prominently. These showcase their live feed on the info-tainment screen so you can see under the car as you go hardcore offroading, or to find out where exactly your wife dropped her lipstick under the car in the driveway...
Either way, it's helpful!

Paired with the Ultravision is 'EXTRACT MODE'
Now, the Hummer EV already has a ground clearance of a number just shy of 12"
But if you decide to off-road even harder or try to jump a curb or something, GMC's got your back. With EXTRACT, you can raise the suspension another 6" and make straddling over boulders (and curbs) an absolute breeze!


GMC likes to call the performance package on this truck the Watts To Freedom package. I'd prefer the WTF package... Because once you hear the specs, I'm sure that would be the perfect amassment of your reactions.
1,000 Horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft (15,592 Nm) of Torque enabling a 0-60 time of 3 seconds.
Nope, not a typo

Although that torque number might be deceiving. We think that the torque numbers might be the torque on each individual wheel. Because those numbers usually are much higher than the engine torque. Electric vehicles generally have a conversion ratio of somewhere around 8:1 which means that the Hummer might have just about
<pulls out calculator and acts like I know exactly what I'm doing>
1,437.5 lb-ft of engine torque.
While this is not at all a disappointing figure, this seems a tad bit more realistic.
Although, I'm not doubting the fact that GMC might put in motors that can crank out 11,500 lb-ft of torque. We're just gonna have to wait it out!


On-paper, and from whatever brief presence this truck has had on the internet. This truck seems like one of the real competitors to the Cybertruck. But since none of them are in production yet or on the roads for public use, there can be no winner yet.
Apart from that,
This is a refreshing change of pace in the market and there is hardly anything that I, personally, would pinpoint or mark as either 'wrong' or 'bad'
A well made truck with a buttload of amazing features and technology.
Can't wait for this to release!