Well Plaid, Tesla, Well Plaid

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni

It's not very often that Tesla does something with their cars. But when they do, it's probably industry-shattering. Less than a day ago, Tesla dropped their Model S Plaid+ nuke on the world.
Let's find out if it lives up the the hype
Who am I kidding, it most definitely does! But let's go over it all and find out just how much has Mr. Musk gotten his team to squeeze in the latest flagship.
Oh and of course, as always, RPMStyle!

General Exterior

As you can see, there's not exactly much going on on the exterior of the Model S Plaid+
A total dechroming, a bumper accentuation, and lowered ride height is all that's going on on the outside of the Plaid models.

Not so fast!
There's another tiny little change to the exterior


The latest additions get 2 new wheel options

The dual-tone 19' Tempest wheels are offered as a standard option on the refresh

But a much more exciting option is offered as the Frosted 21' Arachnid Wheels.

Okay now that
Sums up the exterior upgrades. Let's head on over to where the magic is.
To the insides!

General Interior

Now this is probably the biggest upgrade to the interiors of a Tesla.
The interiors can be summed up in 4 words.


From just this overview, you can already tell. Not one line is out of place, not one element is odd, everything seems to be in proportion and fitting.
The simplicity and lack of clustering is what makes it so pleasing to the eye.
Oh but don't let that fool you, the interiors are filled to the brim with technology that's rarely/never seen in a production car before.
Before we head on there, let's address the yoke in the room

Steering Yoke

The steering yoke is probably one of the most/the only controversial feature on this car. The semi-steering wheel has it's share of Pros and Cons. But it does look superior and cooler to the "normal" steering wheels while adding a dash of futuristic.

The turn indicators, lights (and possibly windshield wipers) are all operated by buttons on the wheel and you can breeze through the infotainment using either the scroll wheels or the voice-commands meaning you have total and absolute control over your car within a fingers reach, at all times. Unless of course, you have a wife sitting besides you or kids in the back.

This brings us on to the next highlight of the interior upgrades.


The Model S is equipped with 3 screens and a ton of firepower

The main infotainment screen is 17 inches of exceptional display that is the window to all the controls of the car, a portable Netflix, YouTube, Hulu player, and Gaming.
The rear display is just a sized down version of the main display, with all the rear controls.
Oh and they decided to just drop in 10 Teraflops of Processing Power for gaming and support for wireless controllers.
Just to give you an idea of exactly how powerful this gaming potential is, the PlayStation 4 Pro had 4.2 Teraflops and the PlayStation 5 will have 10 Teraflops.

Now you might have missed out on the Audio prowess of this vehicle.
Tesla offers a 22-speaker, 960 Watt audio system so you can jam to your beats in a superior way and dimension. Or baby shark if you have kids or that's what vibes with you.
hey, no judging!

But that's not even the highlight of the system.

The car is equipped with external mics for Active Noise Cancellation.
Yep, no typo. A N C
This picks up noise from outside the car and plays an inverse frequency inside to cancel it out.

Excellent excuse for when you forget to "accidentally" bring back home milk when your wife shouts it out the driveway to you.

With the Audio-Video features aside, let's have a look at what else the interiors have to offer.

Now now now

Let's come down to the pièce de résistance of the Model S Plaid and the Plaid+


I would like to state, that while these numbers might seem abnormally large for a family sedan, they are accurate and there are no typos.

The Plaid+ offers a beyond Ludicrous 1,100+ Horsepower from Tesla's state of the art Tri-Electric Motors.

With all that horsepower and the Tesla signature AWD system, the Tesla Model S Plaid+ can bolt from
0 - 60 mph in less than an ground-ripping 1.9 s and can go on to do a 1/4 mi. run in under 9.0 s.
(If only we could run away from our problems that fast)

These numbers are beyond groundbreaking. This is the first production car to ever break the sub-2 second barrier in a 0-60 sprint.
It is also the first production car to pull a quarter mile in under 9 seconds.
These numbers begin to seem all the more cooler when you realise that this car is a 5-seater family sedan.

I like how you can buy groceries, transport your kids + their friends, and gap a supercar all in one package. Possibly at the same time.

All this would be pretty undermined if you had to charge your car every 200 miles, right? (I'm looking at you Taycan)
Tesla decided to give you 520+ miles of range! (836 km)
You can go all the way from New York to Canada in one charge and still have about 20% of your range left.

Charging is one of the most crucial aspects in any electric car because of 'range anxiety' and the lack of charging stations right?
Not with a Tesla, not in the USA.
Boasting the largest electric charging network in the world, Tesla is already eons ahead of it's competitors in terms of charging networks.
It's really hard to go wrong with a Tesla if you're looking at electric cars.

Despite performance and amenities that no other car can match, Tesla still wasn't satisfied and added additional quirks and features

Quirks and Features

The app lets you know about your car's charge status, battery, temperature and live location.

Apart from this, you can heat up your interiors, pop the hood, control the windows/doors, start your car, summon it to you and maybe pull of a nice little party trick.

Now, as a part of the Full Self Driving Package, apart from just the self-driving capability on most roads, you get another few features:

Why park yourself when your car does it for you!
The FSD pack enables automated parallel parking, perpendicular parking and parking-spot monitoring.
Seems super handy for trips downtown or showing off to the valet.

Smart Summon lets you 'summon' the vehicle to you from wherever it's parked.
Now this only works until a certain distance, but is useful nonetheless in tricky parking situations, laziness or just to look extra cool at your office or random places. The summoning happens via the Tesla App mentioned above.

That was overwhelming.
Tesla has managed to outdo themselves in almost every way and have provided consumers with a very lucrative deal.
I, personally, am having a very hard time convincing myself not to pre-book it already



Taycan, who?
The Model S Plaid+ is easily one of the best all electric options out there for the general public and 11/10 would recommend.