A Message for the Petrolheads

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni

People often wonder what is this insane obsession that I have with cars? What is this inanimate bond that I have with something that’s just a metal box with some wheels? What is it that makes me spend hours looking up about cars and dropping it in just about any conversation? Or spend hours of frustration in the garage trying to get the exhaust sound right?

And it’s not just me, there’s hundreds of thousands of people all over the world like me! So why this obsession? You see, to us Cars are not just a method of transportation; to us, they are one of the first taste of freedom we ever get! It’s the sheer thrill of an endless set of opportunities and open roads. The pleasure in stepping down on the gas pedal and feeling the thrust, the state of euphoria that’s driving down into the sunset racing your buddies, the glared eyes on the streets at your custom car, that sense of accomplishment when your project car works just like you expected it to. That’s the obsession. We have grown up idolising our toy cars, scrutinising every detail on them, drifting them sideways with our hands, and just dreaming of the day we could try it out in the real life. But as we grew up, the cars did not just stay as mere toys Cars, to us, an escape from the mundane world to ‘our’ world, where we feel indefinitely at home. A channel to focus our thoughts onto, the perfect unwind, the ultimate thrill and the utmost comfort. Our cars, are not just our possessions.

They are an inseparable part of us, they’re our identities, what we represent, and owning that, surpasses a vast majority of the desires we’ve always want to satiate. Customising our car, working on it, driving it, showing it off, is a healthy equivalent of extending our personality to the world as a person.

Another sector of liking cars, and having a passion for them, is being part of the Car Community; Almost every place has one, anyone with the desire to, can start them. And just the thought of it; Being surrounded by the people who feel the exact same way about cars, who share your passion, is elating. Comforting in an odd way. It’s a place where you can express yourself freely without having to doubt yourself or have the fear of not being understood. It’s a place where your differences are rendered useless. You can have lawyers, doctors, businessmen, students, 20 year olds, 40 year olds, 60 year olds as a part of the community, and the differences, despite the differences, that one common desire, is what bring us close together. There may be people who like pick-ups, Saloons, Coupé’s, Electric, Diesel, tuning, customising or whatever, but it’s just an expression of what these people desire, an expression of who they are and what they want to be. Despite what outsiders say, it’s not just a piece of metal with wheels, to you it’s four wheels and a heart! And no matter what the stereotypes say against some of us, we don’t really believe in hate in the car community. We may have opponents on the track, but never enemies

Because at the end of the day, you’re a car person, they’re a car person, your day starts with the turn of the key, so does theirs! And that’s all that matters…

Happy and Safe driving from RPMTALKS