2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe Thrills and Grilles?

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni

BMW wasn’t satisfied with releasing ‘just’ the 5 series and the 6 series. They had to spice things up, create a stir among people. And that is exactly what they’ve done by revealing their new 4 series with this new bold design that’s… Well… Bold… and not exactly to everyone’s taste. But is it all that matters? Or is this BMW’s way of telling us there’s more to a car than its grille? Let’s find out!(terrible grille puns warning)


The head of design at BMW said “design is not always about beauty or ugliness, good design is about having a daring character”. And it does make sense, as previously seen on the 7 series and the X7, the massive grill, while somewhat hard to digest, does add a massive road presence and a bold dominance. But that’s not all we’re going to talk about are we? Let’s not grill over it shall we?

General Exterior:

Geting tid-bits of inspiration from the larger 8 series, and of course, grills apart, the 4 series looks incredibly stunning. With prominent muscle lines, updated styling and an in general proportional design language, there’s not much to complain about. The design language is kept somewhat the same, but the aggression and linearity on the front end is dialled up quite modestly. The rear end has more sculpted curves, softer elements and flowing lines, making it more elegant, the newslightly upgraded trapezoidal free-form exhaust tips seem to be a BMW thing for the 2021 model year. The front end has a much aggressive styling compared to the rest of the 4 series. With new front splitters that are, well, split; the substantially larger (now-vertical) kidney grilles that are a unibody. The new air-vents and curtains with integrated fog lamps are striking!


While the general interior remains largely untouched, there are some minute improvements over the outgoing model. The center console now has a complete, mostly uninterrupted flow with gentle slopes from the dash to the armrests and a more integrated infotainment, which makes the interior, quite frankly, super elegant and uniform. The rear seats seem to have a weird protrusion instead of a third seat, living up to the 4 seater title


Because at the end of the day, this is what a true Bimmer comes down to. With the performance not really ‘upgraded’, there’s only been some slight changes to the horsepower and torque to keep the numbers consistent with the outgoing model, which, in no way, is slow or retarded for its price and class. BMW definitely seems to be juggling between ‘playing it safe’ and ‘bold risks’ this year.


BMW definitely seems to be strongly stating on their ‘don’t judge a car by it’s grille’‘there’s more to a car than it’s grille’ ideology, but we wouldn’t mind an amazing car sans the controversial grill. Despite this, a fantastic looking car with the right things in the right places in the right size(not looking at you, Grille).