BMW 7 series vs Audi A6 vs Mercedes S-Class The German Heavy wallet champ?

Article by: Arnav Kulkarni

The BMW 7 series, Audi A8 and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class have been the German‘s most prized flagships since decades. All offering quite some luxury, comfort and features for a hefty price. But which one offers the best bang for your bucks? Let’s go over them and find out!


General Exteriors:

All three Germans sport different design languages on the exterior. The Audi goes for a bland, nondescript design that, quite honestly looks slabby on the sides? But on the front end, it has quite some persona with the gaping grill, the sleek headlamps with Audi’s fascinating tech. The rear is pretty similar to its younger siblings apart from the longer, sleeker taillights with a wider footprint. The BMW has a completely different approach, where they’ve made the car look aggressive and dominant with a sheer road presence over elegance or luxurious. With a redesigned headlamp styling, the MASSIVE grille and jagged air vents and bumper splitters, the car does get the road presence and aggressive looks. The S-Class has a more distinct elegant and straightforward design. With smooth flow-y curves, detailed proportions and no sporty elements, this one screams elegance.

Front Interior:

This is where things get a little complicated and taste-accentuated. The Audi has a more ‘black’ vibe to it with the piano black interiors and upholstery. The Virtual Cockpit system gives BMW a run for its worth. The Quality is up-to-the-mark and the center console is now 2 touchscreens instead of the traditional dials and buttons. This may be a distraction for some, but, who’s gonna be driving these! The 7 series has its excellent iDrive system and a plain-ish yet luxurious styling sense in the front. The gear selector, knobs and materials feel expensive and soft to the touch. The S-Class gets the classiest, most sophisticated interior here with unparalleled luxe, although, the MBUX infotainment system has to be the worst between these 3.

The Backseats:

Of course, you would be spending a majority of your time in the back rather than up front. All 3 have an amazing set of rear seats and features, although, the S-Class adds an unparalleled sense of luxury and richness with their seats, lighting and overall design, although it doesn’t get heated rear seats as standard. The Audi has a chunked out middle seat replaced by the rear infotainment system which looks incredible. The 7 series lacks the permanent rear infotainment control and is accessible via the movable armrest, but, it offers a third seat, if that’s what youre looking for.


All of these are excellent in their own ways, offer unmatched luxury, and cost a bomb. So which one is right for you?

If you’re looking for a luxury car with the newest technology and minimalist design, go for the Audi A8

If you’re looking for a luxury car with a sportier aggressive look, feel and no compromise on performance get the BMW 7 series

If you’re looking for the highest end of luxury, poise and elegance with a statement that says ‘I made it’ buy the Mercedes-Benz S-Class