If I had to pick between my Mustang and my Maruti van, I'd go with the van - Vinaykumar Chumble

Here's a short interview with Mr. Vinaykumar Chumble, Popularly known in Nashik for buying first cars. He has collection of 22 cars and 137 motorcycles from all the classics to the newer generation cars.

First Sports Car you have Seen? Driven? Owned?

- Seen - Ferrari F50

- Driven - Lamborghini Murcielago in 2007

- Owned - Mustang GT

What made you a petrolhead?

I like cars since my childhood, I had all the good cars at my home. Back in the day when Fiat, Mercedes w115, w123, w124 all the best cars of those time where at home. So cars always fascinated me right from the childhood.

What is more important to you in a car? Figures or Looks?

Figures of-course, looks can be changed any time.

How is it like to live with a Mustang in Nashik?

It feels great, you are talk of the town, everybody wants to take pictures. Boys and girls are following me every time i take the car out till the office and home, take videos. I get to see my car on Youtube, just a search on Youtube "Mustang Nashik" and you get videos with thousands of views. Whenever i'm driving the car on the road I get calls saying " I heard your car pass by! " Initially when i use to drive the BMW, people use to see the car and call me. Now they hear the car and call me! Other then that there are school kids who are waiting for me in there windows to see the car because when ever i go to the office i pass, i have a specific time. So there are boys who waiting for 15-20 mins just to see the car, It's fun.

What would be your favorite car if you imagine yourself as an average person?

Average Person, Average Car. Maruti Van. If i had an option between my Mustang and my Maruti Van , I'll go with the van.

What do you think about EVs?

Ahh Difficult question yaar. We are Petrolheads, I'd rather not answer it.

What is your dream 3 car garage?

- Buggati Chiron

- Rolls Royce Cullinan

- My Maruti Van

What's your personal favorite automotive memory?

I had a good time when i was driving the Dodge Charger from Orlando to Tampa Bay, that probably one of the best time of my life. It was sunny in the morning and it was a convertible car, so the roof was down and it started raining and the weather just changed so i had put the roof back up and rain was equally fun. So I had the right car with the right weather. Also in the nights at the traffic signal you can go fast, so i used to try to stand first in the row, so whenever i have green signal i can push it hard.

Who's your hero/Idol in the automotive world?

Michael Schumacher

What all is there in your garage currently?

I have 22 cars and 137 motorcycles.

BMW 530d M sport

Mustang GT

Impala Station Wagon

and Many more...

What you’re adding next in your garage?

Range Rover Vogue LWB

What’s your preference? Used car or new car? Reason?

Buying a new car you certainly lose lot of money. Buying a used car is again a hassle because buying it in India you can tamper it with anything.

If it's about a sportscar then a new one is always better, because there are tons of electronics in the car, and you know electronic cars don't last long. The collection of cars that i have are all mechanical cars, so have got good live. But since the last 20 years the automobile industry is behind electronic cars and they want to scrap the car in 15 years. So buying an electronic car new is always better because you have the warranty.

What's your love for Maruti Van?

That car was my father's brand new car, I have seen India in it. I learnt my driving on that car. Then this was not in use for 5-8 years. It was just sitting in a corner, and i found the engine. My father had actually replaced the engine when the car had done 5,50,500 KMs. He had replaced the new Maruti Omni engine in it, so that the van can drive more. It clocked about 2,75,000 KMs on the new engine.

Then found this old engine lying in the corner, so i decided to get it restored, "The Japanese Engine" Then removed the Indian engine and put the new restored Japanese engine in it, had to import some part form japan. So i have lots of emotion and memories. I park in next to my bedroom window so whenever i wake up in the night i get to see it.

Article from Autocar India :

Vinay Kumar Ravindra Chumble had driven down his pristine 1985 Maruti Van from Nashik for the occasion. The van has been owned by his family since it was brand-new and has amassed over 7,86,000km on the clock, albeit with two engine changes. “This is a first lot car which my father bought on his birthday. He had only Rs 87,000 in his pocket and bought this car for Rs 86,000,” he told us. “I restored this car in 2010 with an original refurbished engine, which was imported from Japan. This particular model is called a Maruti 800 V – with the 'V' standing for 'van'. People call it an Omni but it’s not that; it’s a Maruti Van. I have tried to keep it as original as possible, over the years. I still have the original key and the owner’s manual from 1985.”

Lastly what's you message to the younger generation?

Study Hard , Prepare for life, you have to have not 1 or 2 but minimum 4 degrees, 2-3 diplomas, you should know what the world wants from you, then only you can make them work for yourself. If you take my example, I've done B-Com and what i'm doing is an engineering job. I have 3 post graduation degrees, if i wouldn't have done that, then i might not be able to cope up. HR taught how to get work done from people, Marketing taught me how to sell anything and managing money from my finance degree. It took 5 years for me to complete my post graduation with 3 degrees then i did detailed diploma in LAW and taxation and then in ADSE (Advance diploma in software engineering). So I always tell everyone to complete there education first, after that you have you entire life to buy cars.

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