RPMTalks Podcast Pilot

Ft. Arnav Kulkarni, Omkar Rane (Founder & CTO at D&O Motorsports). Listen to the Podcast!

Watch The Podcast!

On our Pilot Episode, we get up close with Omkar Rane (Founder & CTO at D&O Motorsports) and discuss about the state of engineering in the country, how it can be improved, what his team at D&O are doing to promote our nation in the global automotive scene and some fun discussions about his projects and builds!
It was an absolute pleasure to have Mr. Omkar Rane on board with us and we hope we have more collaborations with him and his establishment soon!

We, at RPMTalks, decided to start with a podcast series where we get in conversations, discussions and questionnaires with some of the most prominent names in the Indian Automotive Scene.
Apart from, as always, providing you with top-notch content, this series is for petrolheads, to get a broader view of how the automotive community functions as a whole, how vast it is and provide exposure to people who are an integral part of the automotive world and deserve recognition.
Feel free to drop in a DM over on our Instagram for suggestions, people that you want to see on our podcasts next, or any questions.

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