RPM for Charity

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni

This one... Is a little different, a little special. I request you to read this completely.

We, the RPM15 Family, realized that this Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone, including us, harshly. Definitely some more than the others.

The fact that there are settlements that have incurred damages that may be well beyond their ability to recover from on their own affected us deeply. While expressing gratitude for having whatever we have now, the realization that others don't have what they NEED hit us in the feels and had an unsettling effect on us.

"someone, somewhere out there, is praying to have what you already have"

In the wake of this realization, RPM15 organized and held a Charity Drive. The motive was to get monetary help or as many basic necessities (ration, medicines, sanitary pads, clothes, woolens etc,) gathered from people/organizations. I find myself at a surprising lack of words to describe the sheer effort and speed with which this was carried out and the gratitude and ultimate satisfaction that was felt in this entire process.

The team came up with posts, directives, payment methods, requirement charts and made it viral within an evening with payments and transfers coming in instantly. We also set up drop points and collecting services for people who wished to donate non-monetary items and/or were unable to leave their homes. The team then sat down and started working of the logistics, the number of people going to the location and the schedule so as to stay in the highest safety levels possible from Covid-19 and do the donations in the most efficient way possible.

Within 3 days, we had exceeded the amount we were expecting to receive. In the light of this, we decided to help another organization Sharan for Animals We took in consideration the violent abuse and shameless neglect a lot of the innocent, loyal animals go through and decided to aid another cause with the funds we received. The founder of Sharan, M/s. Sharanya Shetty, was contacted and asked about specific donation requirements.

On Saturday, all the requirement lists were merged and the team went out through the city, looking for the items required for the settlement we decided to aid, and the required items for Sharan. By evening, all the required items were purchased and collected in the boots of the cars.

At the brink of dawn, the team: Vedant Suryawanshi, Ashutosh Kshirsagar, Harsh Tanna, Sumeet Bhokare, Anish Kshatriya and Arjun Jire left for the village with a direction of determination.

The experience of donating the food items, clothings, seeing their faces light up and imagining a slightly better future for them felt surreal, elating and oddly comforting to the team. Every child, man, lady had this distinct glow and a form of respect in their eyes for their unusual saviors. The villagers read them a thank you expression and that response is what fueled our team even further.

Instead of stopping right there and calling it a day, the team went one step further and decided to complete the Sharan donation right then too! So, the team, devoid of any meal or rest since morning, braved on for another hour's journey to the Sharan branch where the team spent some time with the animals and donated the requested items. The volunteers at Sharan, too, were extremely grateful to the team for their provisions and helpful items.

The team, now exhausted and hungry, returned home solemnly with a warm feeling in their hearts. A humbling experience and a new overlook at being grateful in life.

To celebrate this feat accomplished by the team, a celebratory drive to Starbucks Igatpuri was also organized where the team and the rest of the members drove to Starbucks in the evening and had a meet-up there surprising the crowd with some of Nashik's best cars. The day ended well on a high note with a rendezvous at Car Mall and then a dispersal.

Message from founders

"It has been an absolute pleasure donating to a cause so noble. We are glad that all the efforts of every member involved have paid off. We are very thankful and grateful to all the people who donated monetary, non-monetary items or even their time and ideas. This works well to show that this club, while primarily based on the passion and love for cars, is also working beyond the bounds of the automobile world and towards the better of the society. "

I (Arnav) too, as a member of RPM15 as well, am beaming with pride to be a part of a community that works towards changes like these and I would like everyone reading this, to appreciate the efforts taken by the team mentioned above and the rest of the members that helped make this possible. A truly great idea and a perfectly executed gesture. We hope to continue to do so, and keep the less fortunate in our prayers always. Looking forward to your support for next time!

Special thanks to Formula 1 Zone Pvt. Ltd & Fins Aquarium and Pets

Stay Grateful, Stay Safe.