Poonawalla's Pista Pedestal

Article By: Arnav Kulkarni
📷 Credits: Vedant Bapat, Arnav Kulkarni

Yohan 'YZP' Poonawalla, the name strikes a bell doesn't it?
If you're a petrolhead (which I'm sure you are, if you're reading this), you must have obviously heard of the infamous YZP emblem on one of the largest automobile collections in the country!
and of course, Ferrari, a name that is almost synonymous with the concept of racing, speed and victory.
How about the element when you combine these 2?
Let's find out RPMStyle!

Yohan 'YZP' Poonawalla

Yohan Poonawalla is the Managing Director at the leading Poonawalla Engineering Groups (Intervalve Poonawalla Ltd, El-O- Matic India Pvt Ltd), the Chairman of Poonawalla Financials Pvt Ltd. and Director of the globally accredited Poonawalla Stud Farms, Poonawalla Racing & Breeding. An affluent business magnate, Mr. Poonawalla also has a ravishing passion for automobiles.
The infamous YZP emblem boasts one of the largest, most expensive automotive collections in the country!
But today we’ll be looking at one specific beast from his ginormous collection.

The Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

The perfect blend of open-topped back road cruising and wild, mind-numbing track lapping comes straight from the heart of Ferrari in Modena, Italy.
The 488 Pista Spider is an even more exclusive version of the already limited 488 Pista.

This particular Pista Spider is the first in the country and proudly calls the YZP garage its home.

But before we have a deeper-dive;

The heartiest congratulations to Mr. Poonawalla from RPMTalks! We wish you the safest and the most joyous driving pleasures!

Now, let’s have a look at the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, in the YZP-Spec.


It’s a Ferrari…
Jaw-dropping curves, extravagant proportions and head-turning accents are a given. The car is tastefully designed to catch eyes anywhere it goes. The low-slung, wide chassis serves both, aesthetic and aerodynamic purposes. This is one of those cars that immediately scream presence.
The muscular shoulder lines flow from the A-pillar all the way beyond the wheel arches. The fantastically placed exhausts look and sound like nothing else.
The rear-end looks aggressive and dominating to assert dominance as it passes you by.

But that’s the standard Pista Spider…

The YZP-Spec is elevated to another level with the Carbon-Fibre pack, Yellow brake calipers and gorgeously encased in the infamous Rosso-Corsa Red. The car has the ‘P’ insignia on the B-Pillar to symbolize the Poonawalla family heritage and a ‘1’ on the doors for always being Numero-Uno. All these are one-off and cannot be found as original fitments anywhere else in the world!

There’s not much to say about how a Ferrari looks, is there?

Here's some pictures instead:

The Italian beast, basking in all the Sun and Glory

Fun Fact: This is one of the only street-legal Ferraris to get the original Italian Flag livery!

Can’t take your eyes off, can you?
Go on, take another peek, we’ll wait

Now that you’re done gawking at the exterior, let’s move to the insides of the


From a bare track-biased car, you’d expect a sub-par, stripped-down interior right?

The seats are comfortable, stylish and bolster you in place firmly when you decide to throw this car around the curves. The seats too, have the one-off Italian Flag stitching going all the way through.
The steering, also with the stitching, is girthy and grippy to hold. The road feedback through the wheels is phenomenal and the steering feels very planted and direct, the car points exactly where it wants to go. The steering resembles a Formula 1 steering with all the buttons, switches and gauges to provide a more immersive driving experience and more control over the car from within a fingers reach.

The gauge cluster has an analogue RPM-meter and a digital driver’s display. The cockpit of the 488 Pista Spider is very driver-centric. No surprises there…

But I’m sure not many people would have the chance to nit-pick at the interiors when their face is at the back of their head from the insane accelaration when you floor it.

But enough talking, we’ll let you have a look at the interiors for yourselves

Alright, who was saying it ain't luxurious?

And now that we’re done with the looks…

Before we head on to the performance aspect of the Pista, there’s another cool quirk this car comes with!

The Key and the Key Box!

The key is encased in an elegant wooden box along with a scale-model of the 488 Pista Spider. Ferrari goes that one extra step to show their customers just how much this brand-customer synergy means to them and to add a little pizzazz and glamour because, why not?

Now that we have everything else covered…
Let’s get down to the most important part of the 488 Pista Spider.


I could just write ‘It’s a Ferrari’ and walk away and people would understand. But these specs are worth a read since its Ferrari’s most powerful engine in a street car. EVER.

The Pista Spider cranks out a monstrous 710 hp and 770 Nm (560 lb-ft) from a 3.9L Twin-Turbocharged V8 that revs all the way up to the gates of heaven at 8,000 Rpm.
All that power is channelled to the wheels by a 7-speed Formula 1 DCT that propels that car from standstill to 62mph (100 kmph) in just about 2.85 seconds.

The 710 horsepower, 7-Speed F1 DCT and a kerb weight of just 1485 Kg, the Pista Spider can cakewalk at top speeds of 211 mph (340 kmph)!

The Carbon Ceramic brakes tame this beast from 62mph to a standstill in just under 96.8 ft (30m)

The Ferrari 488 Pista Spider is one hell of a car that looks, sounds, feels and drives like no other.
We, at RPMTalks, congratulate you, Mr. Poonawalla again, for a fantastic addition to the collection and Thank you for inviting us to the launch event. It was an honour to be present there!

Wish you more such laurels to your collection!
Godspeed. 🥂🏁